Packaging Design Engineer - Cascais (Portugal)
Cascais, Portugal
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Logoplaste is currently seeking to recruit a Packaging Design Engineer to integrate Logoplaste Innovation Lab, reporting directly to the CAD Coordinator.

If you fit the profile, please submit your CV. This Recruitment process is confidential.

Job Summary:

Packaging Design Engineer makes technical drawings using computer-aided/assistend design (CAD) software and system, used for production of various items or components in plastic packaging. Works closely with Project Managers.


Key Tasks & Activities...

Packaging Technical Analysis

  • Analyses customer requests, interprets drawings, sketches, images, prototypes or other technical specifications, in order to identify shapes, dimensions, tolerances or other details of the package;
  • Analyses the characteristics and behaviour of the packaging according to customer needs;
  • Analyses production process needed (EBM, INJ, SBM or INJ-SBM).

Technical Solution

  • Evaluates with other areas the proper technical solution to improve package performance;
  • Prioritizes technical requirements according to customer specifications;
  • Creates different scenarios using different variables to improve package performance (e.g. redimensions package, changes technology or technical structures);
  • Calculates pallet lay-out's for specific package to optimize transport;
  • Supports training to employees in the following areas: software internal procedures and standards; software and/or working tools development.

3D/2D Drawing

  • Models 3D concepts in the context of product engineering taking into account the technical and commercial feasibility to obtain customer approval;
  • Executes detailed drawings of the packaging or its components through systems-level computer-aided 3D Platforms and / or 2D drawings Platforms, taking into account the technical specifications, standards, tables and rules for drawing up a technical drawing;
  • Executes prototypes to evaluates its functionality and makes any necessary adjustments;
  • Draws package including dimensions, materials to be used and procedural steps in producing the package;
  • Sends drawings to Finite Elements Analysis (FEA) team, to validate performance;
  • Implements changes in drawings, considering the feedback of different teams (FEA, Packaging Engineering Support, Trials or Mould), in different steps of the process.


Who we are looking for...

Background & Experience:

  • Technical course in moulds;
  • 3-5 years of experience in the same position;
  • Previous experience in packaging technical design and injection parts;

Technical Skill

  • Knowledge in geometry, moulds, technical parts and raw materials
  • Knowledge in 3D measurements, 3D software, prototyping, manufacturing process;
  • Knowledge in Solidworks, AutoCAD;
  • Microsoft Office;
  • Fluent in Portuguese and English.

Interpersonal Skills

  • Team work;
  • Time Management;
  • Proactiveness;
  • Process and Customer Orientated;
  • Communication.


Logoplaste is an equal opportunities employer, where the foundation of our culture and our drive is based on Diversity & Inclusion. At Logoplaste we are all unique and different, everyone is accepted and respected for who they are. This is our strength.

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