Injection Machine Operator - Martinsburg, WV (USA)
Tabler Station, United States of America
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Logoplaste is currently seeking to recruit a Injection Machine Operator, to join the plant team in Martinsburg, WV (USA).
Reporting to: Production Manager
The Machine Operator is responsible for operating site specific equipment (injection molding) and meeting all production, quality and safety requirements.
Key Tasks & Activities...
- Efficient operation of machines and other associated equipment to successfully produce plastic products according to specification
- Good troubleshooting skills
- Set up, repair and troubleshoot equipment and processes
- Troubleshooting Skills related to mechanical, pneumatic, electrical or hydraulic issues (if applicable)
- Perform material handling procedures as required
- Perform and assist with mold and neck finish changes as required
- Assist and perform adjustments to meet quality specifications and/or cycle efficiency
- Complete all required quality checks, critical systems checks, production records and logs accurately
- Assist in machine start-ups and shut-downs
- Perform minor repairs on all production equipment such as conveyor systems, injection machines; material loading/unloading as required.
- Manage machine process efficiency initiatives, scrap minimization, materials conservation, inventory control and warehouse management
- Perform preventative maintenance on related equipment as required
- Manage machine efficiency and ensure all equipment is operational
- Follow established quality procedures
- Comply with all company safety policies and procedures as well as maintain good housekeeping, GMP Practices and Global Food Safety Practices
- Perform other job-related duties as assigned
- Understanding and working knowledge of HDPE/PET
- Knowledge of hand tools
Who we are looking for...
Background and Experience
- Previous Injection experience or related training (PET) Industry experience is preferred
Technical Skills
- Warehouse knowledge/able to drive forklift
- Working knowledge of computer systems, including MS Office, Excel and SAP
Interpersonal Skills
- Good Communication and Teambuilding skills.
Physical requirements and work environment
- Ability to work in a fast paced, lean environment with heat above 90 degrees;
- Ability to sit, stand, bend, climb, crawl and walk on a varying basis throughout assigned work schedule;
- Ability to carry and/or maneuver up to 50 pounds.
Logoplaste offers an excellent benefits package with genuine career development opportunities.
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